a great way to let me know I shouldn’t eat here.
I’m either protecting myself from the 26 degree weather. or I’m about to hold up a liquor store. #probablytheformer
Paper for iPad. First time Ive drawn something for fun since…first grade. Sketched a D. Rose jersey while watching the Bulls game. #itsthesimplethings
Just got my second Fintie case (for the iPad mini). The first one was for my Kindle. They’re $9-11 on Amazon…and they’re amazing.
Fact: most successful people read way more than the average American. Dallas Mavs owner Mark Cuban reads for three hours a day. Two of my favorite publications just hit my mailbox in the same day.
My incredibly mundane Friday night part 3: Billy Ray Cyrus is on the radio.
My incredibly mundane Friday night pt 2: oiling my cowboy boots.
I will now document my incredibly mundane Friday night. Morning it will be mundane. part 1: getting my dear stuff out and organizing it.
I have arrived. This is the moment I was born for. #proudcarnivore
one of the founders of the real America.